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We want a society in which everybody feels at home.

Rotterdam Pride dreams of a society in which everyone can be themselves, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, background or age. 

Rotterdam is the 3rd most friendly LGBTQIA+ city around the world and is still expanding with different LGBTQIA+ events and activities.

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Upcoming Events

Eurovision song contest Rotterdam - May 2020

The Eurovision Songfestival will take place in the Netherlands for the first time in 40 years. And the chosen city is non other then Rotterdam!

With the slogan "Open Up" the organisation wants to invite people to open up for one another, for each other stories, opinions and music!

The semi-finals of the Eurovision song contest will be held on Tuesday the 12th and Thursday the 14th of May next year. The finale will take place on the 16th of May. Ticket sales are expected to start before the holidays.

IDAHOT Rotterdam - May 2020

IDAHOT, the international day against homo, trans and bi-phobia. Rotterdam Pride turns it into an interactive programma with a nice mix of sharing knowledge, networking and culture.

Rotterdam Pride - September 2020

Rotterdam Pride celebrates its seventh edition with a diverse and colourful program, concerning art and culture, youth and family, talkshows and debates, entertainment and of course the parties, there's something for everyone.

EuroPride Bid - October 2020

The Rotterdam Pride team wil travel to Oslo in October 2020, to present their plans for the EuroPride to the members of EPOA (European Pride Organisers Association). They will do their utmost to make sure EuroPride will come to Rotterdam in 2023!

Pink saturday Rotterdam - September 2021

Pink Saturday is coming to Rotterdam in 2021. This Saturday will take place during Rotterdam Pride 2021, so even more to celebrate!

EuroPride Rotterdam - September 2023

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