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Do you want to volunteer at Rotterdam Pride?

We have a wide range of volunteer possibilities! Everyone is welcome and there is a place for everyone! In addition to various tasks during our events, there are also opportunities to come up with new concepts. We would be happy to discuss these with you.

Registration is possible till the 15th of May

What can I do to help?

What is there to do?

As you all know, Rotterdam Pride organizes the Pride Festival and the Pride Walk, but also functions as an umbrella organization that bundles and communicates the activities of various organizations and companies during Rotterdam Pride. The volunteer possibilities are therefore wide. Consider, for example: artist service, production support, sales, press support, research, communication support and of course construction and dismantling work.

Do I need experience as a volunteer?

For some volunteering tasks you need experience, but everyone can and should help!

How will I be briefed?

Our coordinator will personally brief you based on your tasks.

Why should I help?

Because it is great! During Rotterdam Pride we have a great time together! In addition, you can enjoy great extra’s, such as team outings at our partner events. And…. All volunteers receive a well-stocked goodie bag and a well-deserved Rotterdam Pride t-shirt.

What is the minimum age?

You can work for us as a volunteer from the age of 16.

What happens after I sign up?

You will be contacted by the volunteer coordinators. A meeting with them will be scheduled as next step. You will then be added to the Whatsapp Group, which is used for communicating with other volunteers about Rotterdam Pride related topics. If you are interested in special project or if you have any good ideas, we will approach you and look at the possibilities! We will ask your help for sure when we schedule new events.

Register as volunteer!

Registration is possible till the 15th of May

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