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Welcome to Rotterdam Pridecast!

What is happening in our Rotterdam LGBTQIA+ community? And who are these people? We go deeper into this conversation with the Rotterdam Pridecast, the new podcast series of Rotterdam Pride. Together with the host Sharvin Ramjan, we will talk to known and unknown Rotterdammers to find out how they are doing, who they are, what drives them and what Pride means to them.

PrideCast Playlist

Episode #5 With Deen Groothuizen

We are back with a new episode and this time we have Deen Groothuizen (he / him / who / his) as a guest. For those who follow Dane on social media know that he leaves no chance untouched to commit to an inclusive world. He is an activist by nature, which he currently translates into his ambassadorship at Rotterdam Pride and his work as a social educator in the areas of inclusion, diversity, trans rights and trans health care. He also studies cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and spends his free time with his fiancée and their cat Roffa.

In this episode, Sharvin talks to Dane about inclusion, activism, the ups and downs of his career as a social educator, his social media presence, his ambassadorship at Rotterdam Pride and of course his fiancée Lotte, whom he is madly in love with.

Episode #4 with Leo Prins

The fourth episode of the Rotterdam Pridecast is with Leo (he/him), who is currently in acting school and one of our proud trans ambassadors. Leo has been involved with Rotterdam Pride for five years already and started off as a kids ambassador.

In the podcast Sharvin talks with Leo about being trans at a young age, the sensitivity in queer topics, support and like-minded people, being an trans ally and what Pride means to him. This seventeen year old is definitely very wise for his age and takes us on a beautiful journey during this episode.

Episode #3 with Dennis Bijleveld aka Ma'Ma Queen

The third episode of the Rotterdam Pridecast is with Dennis (they/them), who is a drag artist currently on the list of the political party Bij1, and one of our proud ambassadors. You may know them from Drag Race Holland season one, but there is still so much more to discover about this powerful human.

In the podcast Sharvin talks with Dennis about being a non-binary trans femme, their career as a drag artist, gender and identity, politics and what Pride means to them. It’s a beautiful episode where Dennis vulnerably shares their stories that are meant to inspire you to live your truth.

Episode #2 with Ceciel Moyano Adriaanse

The second episode of the Rotterdam Pridecast is with Ceciel (she/her), who is a advisor at day and a musician at night. Now she is working at Albeda College where she helps our future generation to come to self acceptance, grow and be their authentic self.

In the podcast Sharvin talks with Ceciel about her own queer journey, what Pride means to her, the importance of non-judgmentalism and how genuine connection can help make this world a better place for everyone.

Episode #1 with Bey Cil

We're starting the series with Bey Cil (he/him), the chairman of the board of Rotterdam Pride. In this episode Bey briefly talks about Pride 2021 to then look forward to Pride 2022; what's in store, what are the big changes and what is he looking forward to the most?

Furthermore, Bey vulnerably shares his coming out story and how he became who he is today: a proud queer man who fully accepts himself for who he is.

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