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Walk-in consultation hour

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We want to make your project a success together!

At Rotterdam Pride you can now ask any of your questions about organising an event, during and outside pride week.

We have noticed that many starting LGBTQIA+ organizers struggle with many practical questions about how they can best organise their event. Questions about setting up your own non-profit, finding funding, determining your target group and how to reach them.

That's why this year we started with walk-in consultation hours. During these online consultation hours you can ask all kinds of questions that the Rotterdam Pride team will answer with all its expertise. You're also welcome if you want to spar about ideas you have or have other questions you can't find the answer to online.

Momenteel is er nog geen datum bekend, maar meld je alvast aan en we nemen contact met je op!

Registration is possible till the 15th of May

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