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Rotterdam Pride is celebrating cultural and sexual diversity during their 6th edition in 2019. The event will take place from the 22nd of September until the 29th of September. Rotterdam Pride functions as an umbrella organisation that will combine and communicate all the events from different organisations and companies during Rotterdam Pride. The varied programma is made out of events from Rotterdam Pride itself, but also from cultural partners, catering-partners and organisations in Rotterdam.

What can I do to help?

There are many different opportunities for volunteers. Besides working at events we also like to give volunteers the opportunity to share there thoughts with us. By engaging a conversation with our volunteers we try to find out how to best put your talents to work. During Rotterdam Pride we are always scouting for new volunteers who like to contribute. There are lots of different jobs to do during the Pride, aside from working at events we also need volunteers who do artist handling, sales, press handling, there is even the opportunity to do research at Rotterdam Pride.

Do I need experience working as an Volunteer? 
For some specific duties as an volunteer experience is required, aside from that, everyone is welcome and we would love for you to help!

How will I be briefed? 
By having a conversation with our volunteer-coordinator, she will personally brief you on account of your tasks. She will be your contact at all times.
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What is so fun about being a volunteer?
All of it! During Rotterdam Pride we focus on having fun! Besides that we also give the opportunity to enjoy team-parties.
acties, zoals teamuitjes bij onze partnerevenementen. En…. alle vrijwilligers krijgen een goed gevulde goodie-bag en een Rotterdam Pride t-shirt!

What is the minimum age for working as an volunteer at Rotterdam Pride?
You will be able to work as an volunteer at Rotterdam Pride once you turned 16 years old.

What happens after I sign up? 
You will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator, Fransien. When it suits you, you will meet her. You will be added to the whatsappgroup, which is only used for work purposes. As soon as there are new events and possibilities for you, you will be contacted. If you are interested in special projects from Rotterdam Pride or if you have any nice ideas, we will approach you and look at the possibilities!

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