Vision Statement

We want a society in which everybody feels at home.

Rotterdam Pride dreams of a society in which everyone can be themselves, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, background or age.

Rotterdam Pride is a connecting organization that makes sexual-, cultural- and gender diversity discussable in a positive way, by making use of culture, knowledge and entertainment. We’ll make diversity visible and discussable, by connecting people in a loving way to make Rotterdam Pride.

Let's make Rotterdam Pride together!

Guiding Principles

Bullet Points below apply to all Rotterdam Pride Events.

  • Rotterdam Pride welcomes everyone who wants to contribute to LGBTQIA+ emancipation and to an inclusive society were everyone can be themselves.

  • Rotterdam Pride believes in a society in which everyone feels at home, regardless of their sexual preference, gender identity, gender, cultural background, age or political preference (Art. 1 GW). We act in a positive and connecting way.

  • Rotterdam Pride volunteers, safety staff and visitors all make a great effort, we ask you to respect them at all times.

  • We don’t tolerate offensive, provocative and discriminatory statements. Every form of exclusion and discrimination will be disapproved. We exclude nobody in advance who wants to contribute to Rotterdam Pride in a respectful and positive way. Rotterdam Pride believes in freedom of speech. If people disagree, we are always available to discuss these matters in person.

Together we make Rotterdam Pride!

For questions, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected]

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