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Rotterdam Pride celebrates cultural and sexual diversity for the 6th time in 2019

Rotterdam Pride will serve as umbrella organisation that will combine and communicate all the activities from different organisations during Rotterdam Pride. 

The varied programma is composed out of activities done by Rotterdam Pride, cultural partners and partners from the catering industry.
Together we will make Rotterdam Pride!

Rotterdam Pride 2019 Houseroules

The house rules can be found on all event areas and the website (www.rotterdam-pride.com) of Stichting Rotterdam Pride. 

  • Glass is prohibited on the event grounds. 
  • No large bags and backpacks allowed on the square. 
  • Alcohol may only be consumed on the the event grounds and during opening hours of the event. and during opening hours of the event. 
  • Under 18 years old, no alcohol. If in doubt, you may be asked for your ID. The organization provides NIX18 wristbands for visitors under the age of 18. 
  • The use and/or carrying of drugs and laughing gas and any form of trade or distribution thereof, is prohibited. 
  • Please dispose your waste in the designated bins. 
  • Without permission from the organization it is forbidden to be in whatever form selling goods on the event site.
  • It is forbidden to distribute advertising materials unless the organization has given permission for this. Cleaning costs will be recovered from the relevant provider. 
  • When entering the event you agree that you can be recorded on image and / or sound recordings and that these images can be made public. You cannot claim any rights from this. 
  • Entry to the event site is at your own risk. The organization is not responsible for any kind of physical or mental injury as a result of the visit. 
  • You are obliged to follow the instructions of the security at all times. 
  • Security reserves the right check visitors. 
  • In case of provocative behavior, let security or organization know immediately. Do not comment yourself. 
  • Objects that can serve as a weapon are prohibited on the event site. 
  • The Dutch legal obligation of a valid ID must be met as a proof of identity. legitimatiebewijs. 
  • Damage or loss of property is at your own risk, the organization is not liable for this. 
  • Megaphones are prohibited during the Pride Walk. 
  • All participants of the Pride Walk respect each other and convey their message in a friendly and respectful manner.
  • During the Pride Walk, the press must be made recognizable by means of a press badge. 
  • This can be obtained prior to the event at the Rotterdam Pride information booth. 
  • Objects higher than two meters are not permitted during the Pride Walk. 
  • Groups above 10 people must register in advance for the Pride Walk via a registration form. The organization reserves the right to refuse groups if the safety of other visitors is affected.

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