Rotterdam Pride

Rotterdam pride festival

3 Juni at Willemsplein! of 12:00-23:00

This year will be a special edition of Rotterdam Pride because the oldest gay pride in the Netherlands, Roze Zaterdag, is coming to Rotterdam! This will be a one-day festival with a broad program to connect with the LGBTQIA+ community from Rotterdam and all over the Netherlands.

Many more events! Rotterdam Pride

The festival is during the Rotterdam Pride week. So there are many more events to visit after June 3rd!

Join with Pride

The focus of this day will be on celebrating where we have come as a community while also reflecting on the steps that still need to be taken to make Rotterdam a safe space for everyone. On Roze Zaterdag we will do this with a Pride March, a in depth program and you can enjoy various music acts such as Duncan Laurence, LIONSTORM and Jaïr & Glen Faria all day and evening. The total program with all the acts and artists will be announced soon.

Pride Market

Markt kraampjes waar je allerlei interessante informatie kunt vinden en leuke dingen kunt kopen. Dus heb je nog zin om te shoppen of wat lekkers te eten? Dan kun je terecht bij de Pride Market waar meerdere shops, informatiestands en horeca hun eigen stand hebben!

Hoe kom jij naar het festival?

Lees meer over de bereikbaarheid en toegankelijkheid


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Ma’MaQueen | GiGi, Licka Lolly


Performance acts & choreography by Virgil Moreno


The Pride March is an essential part of every Pride. With this we take the space to be visible and present as an LGBTQIA+. It is a peaceful protest where we walk a route through the city center of Rotterdam. This year it is organised by COC Rotterdam and GayRotterdam, but as an organisation we are certainly joining and this is therefore also an important part of the Roze Zaterdag program.



Cakes da


Live performance!


She is a rapper, producer and songwriter with a mission. She cannot be pigeonholed and likes to kick against the stereotypes around gender and sexuality that are imposed by society. In her lyrics she raps openly about her own feelings and behaviour, encourages herself and others to show courage and she feels society to the test.


Jaïr and Glen Faria are versatile singers from Amsterdam Zuidoost. They make music known for the life stories and situations that are recognisable to many. The subjects of their songs range from love, self-image and family life to social themes.


LIONSTORM is the first queer rap formation in the Netherlands consisting of members Vuige Muis and Skerrie Sterrie.



More Artists & PERFORMERS


Mandy McCandy



Call Me Mother

House of Holgraphic Hoes X House Of Lux


Steve City

Imani Goncalves

Vanity Vickers


Hosted By


010 years of pride

Almost 45 years ago, the first demonstration combined with a Gay Pride Parade took place in the Netherlands on June 25 1977. Several countries had already preceded us and certainly the Stonewall Riots in 1969 in New York made an impact worldwide. These riots are seen as the start of the battle for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. Now every year Roze Zaterdag takes place in a different Dutch city, giving them the opportunity to give their own interpretation to this emancipating and demonstrative day.

Vanity Vickers en de Erasmusbrug voor de Rotterdam Pride campagne 2023

Vanity Vickers die ligt te lopen te slayen op de Erasmusbrug

During the festival there are house rules

So we can keep it fun and safe for everyone


We would like to thank you all for a

great Roze Zaterdag!

Soon we will publish a flash back to Pink Saturday. So come back to this page soon. Don't forget that we have a lot of fun events the rest of the week!

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