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We are online in November, every monday between 20:30 - 21:30

Through Pride Pal Chat, we aim to help, advise and support the LGBTQIA+ community in a quick and accessible way. Rotterdam Pride does this at several moments of the year. Through an anonymous chat, questions can be asked and we as an organisation can think along in solutions and possibly link you to organisations specialised in your issue. During the month of November, the women of Personal Change Lab will go online every Monday for an hour at 20:30.

starts by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right.

Outside the available hours, you can also leave a message. For this, we just need your e-mail address. But don't worry, we will only use this for establishing our conversation.

Don't see a pop-up? Don't worry, just click this link..

Click on my little friend at the bottom right to start a chat.

About Personal Change Lab:

Live more from within yourself, rather than in reaction to others.

As certified therapists and change managers at various multinationals, Lesley and Rachael have combined their areas of expertise in the company Personal Change Lab.
Personal Change Lab's mission is to inspire and motivate people by looking at themselves - and others - from different perspectives. To become more confident in their own abilities and show themselves as an inspiring person with charisma and courage.

Personal Change Lab specialises in delivering workshops, trainings and sessions focused on personal transformation and empowerment, especially for LGBTQI+.

With their self-developed Inner Conflict Relief method, they make people live more from within themselves rather than just in reaction to others.

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