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Rotterdam pride festival

3rd of june at Willemsplein!

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The focus of Rotterdam Pride is on celebrating where we have come as a community while also reflecting on the steps that still need to be taken to make Rotterdam a safe space for all. We do this at Rotterdam Pride Festival by celebrating our queer joy and taking up space together. That is why on 3 June at Willemsplein, you can enjoy various music acts, DJs and performances all day and evening, including Cakes Da Killa, Ruth Jacott, Philou Louzolo, Cincity and Vanity Vickers. Check out the timetable below and plan your visit!

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Pride Market

Do you feel like shopping, learning something new or eating something tasty? Then you can visit the Pride Market where several shops, information stands and catering establishments have their own stands!

Many more events! Rotterdam Pride

The festival is during the Rotterdam Pride week. So there are many more events to visit after June 3rd!


We willen graag dat iedereen een fijne ervaring heeft tijdens ons festival, wat betekent dat we bepaalde voorzieningen hebben en je graag voorzien van informatie over de bereikbaarheid, zodat je de dag goed kunt plannen. Zo is het festival bijvoorbeeld geheel rolstoeltoegankelijk, zijn er oordoppen te koop om de prikkels te minderen en is er een miva deck. Daarnaast is er een ruimte dichtbij het festival voor een periode beschikbaar waar je kunt ontprikkelen.

Are you curious to know more about it? Or would you like to know how to get there by ov or car? Then check out our accessibility and accessibility page.



Cakes da


Live performance!


Ruth Jacott was born on 2 September 1960 in Paramaribo, Suriname. She moved to the Netherlands at a young age. She broke through in 1987 when she represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Vrede". Although she did not win, she achieved an impressive sixth place and has been a familiar face in the Dutch music industry ever since.

Her musical style includes a mix of pop, soul and R&B. With her powerful voice and expressive performances, Ruth has released many successful albums and singles over the years. Some of her best-known hits include "Hartslag", "Blijf bij mij" and "Leun op mij". 

With her warm personality and impressive artistic skills, Ruth Jacott has left a lasting impression on the Dutch music and theatre scene. She is appreciated for her talent, dedication and versatility as an artist.


Philou Louzolo, shaped by cultural expressions, emerged as an artist influenced by Rotterdam and Amsterdam's nightlife. With a diverse pan-African sound, he captivated audiences at renowned venues worldwide.

Taking a break in 2018, he refined his musical ambitions, blending traditional African records with genres like afro house, techno, and electro. Influenced by artists like Drexciya and Burna Boy, his comeback signifies a deep desire to merge ancestral sounds with intergalactic electronic music.

Louzolo continues to push boundaries, rooted in traditions while embracing endless possibilities.


Cincity, also known as Cin, is a passionate artist with a thirst for artistic expression. She has explored all continents, merging her love for house music with her African roots to create a unique and evolving sound.

With performances at renowned events like Awakenings, Tomorrowland, and Fusion Festival, as well as collaborations with artists like Black Coffee and Seth Troxler, Cin has made a mark in the music industry.

Cin's eclectic style creates a meditative and captivating energy that unites people from diverse backgrounds, delivering unforgettable experiences.


Juliana X, a Rotterdam-based DJ with Brazilian roots, is the owner of the liberating club night Zuperstition. Her captivating house sound blends energetic nostalgia with a gritty edge, paying homage to the originators of house and techno. Juliana's sets feature raw vocals, embodying her retro-minded and inclusive approach to music.

She infuses her performances with a unique blend of vintage house records and contemporary bangers, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Juliana X is not only a talented DJ but also a pioneer of a liberated and inclusive nightlife scene.

The Spotify bubble contains a playlist of her favourite tracks,
can you feel it?

More Artists & PERFORMERS


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Vanity Vickers


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During the festival there are house rules

So we can keep it fun and safe for everyone


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