Rotterdam Pride

Roffa Mon Amour x Rotterdam Pride Conference | ‘Body Electric’

Rotterdam Pride and Roffa Mon Amour join forces! On June 17 we’re going to screen Body Electric, a glittery lgbtqia+ film at Maaskantine.

Elias doesn’t have a life plan yet and, for him, that’s good as it is – there is time to think about the future. Meanwhile, he works at a clothing factory in Sao Paulo. He juggles between long shifts at work and alcoholic fun nights with his colleagues. It’s high season at work and to compensate for the hard work his nocturnal life becomes crazier and crazier.

Body Electric immerses you in the camp Brazilian culture. Most of the film is set at mundane parties that Elias and his friends take part in, making you feel part of the group. They bring you to their outrageous and exuberant Brazilian queer nightlife scene made of glitters, drag queens, polyamorous sex, and a pinch of irresponsibility that you can only have when you’re 23.

The movie will be in English with English subtitles.

Event details



June 17 - 22:30


June 18 - 00:00


De Maaskantine

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