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UPDATE: het nieuwe bestuur van Rotterdam Pride is in augustus 2020 bekend gemaakt. Klik hier voor ons organigram.

Het bestuur van Rotterdam Pride zal per augustus – september 2020 worden vernieuwd. Anita Nanhoe draagt haar rol na zes jaar over aan een nieuwe voorzitter die het afgelopen jaar heeft meegedraaid in het bestuur. De Stichting werkt de komende tijd aan uitbreiding van het bestuur.

“We decided a year ago that a new board would take office, and have found a suitable candidate as chairman who has been with us on the board for a year and to which I can pass the baton after six years. We are also open to suggestions and motivations from candidates who want to and can function within the board of Rotterdam Pride, provided there is sufficient affinity with the Foundation and its statement, ”says Nanhoe.

Rotterdam Pride is an umbrella organization providing LGBTQIA + community support through activities, events and collaborations in Rotterdam. We stand for equal rights and strive for a peaceful, tolerant and inclusive society regardless of your origin, body color, body shape, gender, religion and sexual preference. We work together with partners and allies who share this philosophy with us.

Interested potential new board members can send a CV and cover letter to [email protected].

Rotterdam Pride hopes to introduce the new board in August.

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