Cultural Highlights during Rotterdam Pride 2019

Ivo Dimchev


Sculptures is a concert that simultaneously addresses and goes against the conventions of a concert. " I'm bored of singing behind a microphone, though I like it, I love the restrictions of it... I like the oppression of it, but it's time to revisit the Madonna format. She failed in it... I saw it at Madison Square Garden... she overloaded it. We'll do less, more quit, more kind to the eyes... more loving"


In this burlesque extravaganza, flamboyant entertainer Dave will will help you escape to a world full of dazzling delights.

155 LIJF - 27 SEPTEMBER @Confab in Theater Rotterdam

Sticky floors and sweaty bodies everywhere. Music that's so loud you can't even hold a conversation. Why do we like to spend our nights on the dancefloor, exactly? LUF sets out to answer that very question. This co-production between 155 (EENVIJFVIJF), Dox, and Anne Fay straddles the line betweenbeing a night at the club, pop concert, and dance performance. Enjoy this thrilling experience that masterfully blends catchy beats from the nineties with contemporary video art and elements of vogue. It goes without saying that our talented DJs Darling Peter & Leroy Sendar will help you raise the roof like never before!


Sarafina van Ast - 27 September @Confab in Theater Rotterdam

“As a child I was raised within two different cultures, the Surinamese one and the dutch one. This has always made me more aware of the other. How they are perceived and how they are listened to. Within my own religion which is Islam I experience this same otherness towards many things, but what interest me the most is the difference between women and men. Through my poetry and performances I discovered this other form of otherness. The fact that I do not identify with feminine or masculine words. Yet the pitch and tone of masculine and feminine voices is something that keeps coming back into my practice. Together with text and audio I create performances and installations where my audience has the opportunity to step into the story of the other.“

Ariah Lester @CONFAB 27 September in Theater Rotterdam

ARIAH LESTER (Lester Arias) is a multidisciplinary artist that works within the fields of video-art, graphic design, electronic music, singing and text based theatre, through the lens of movement/dance. He graduated from the Cristobal Rojas School of fine arts at the age of 16, later from the acting school Juana Sujo. Next, he did a bachelor in modern dance and classical ballet at the UNEARTE (National Experimental University of Arts), all of this, in Caracas, Venezuela. He also cursed dance studies at the CNA (Centro Nacional de las Artes) in Mexico City and graduated in 2016 from SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. This year Lester is nominated to the BNG Bank Theaterprijs 2019, the largest theatre award held in The Netherlands. In the last years he won three important awards as theatre maker in Germany, Belgium and Holland: Publikumpreis (Audience Award) at Radikal Jung Festival 2019 in Münich at the Münchner Volsktheater, at Operadagen Festival Rotterdam 2018 (as young maker with significant contribution to the world of music theatre), at Theater Aan Zee Festival 2017 in Oostende (as young maker, play and song writer) and the Audience Award at the Moving Forward Festival 2016 in Amsterdam. He has taught at at the SNDO as a guest teacher and has also in prestigious institutions like the Icelandic Dance Company, the National Venezuelan Dance company and TSEKH, Contemporary Dance Centre in Moscow. He started his career as singer/musician in 2016 under the name of ARIAH LESTER and is recording his first album, to be released in spring of 2019.

Rotterdam Pride

Rotterdam Pride

Hey! Wij zijn Rotterdam Pride en vieren in 2019 voor de 6 keer culturele en seksuele diversiteit. Dit jaar is ons thema House of Colours en staan de deuren wijd open voor iedereen, wie je ook bent. Rotterdam Pride is een safe space voor iedereen!

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